Who Is Q for Christians?


I preface with that to set myself apart as a true patriot, and to dissociate myself with all of the hundreds of PAYtriots out there who are Johnny-come-lately to this party, at best. Those who would profit from the FREE time and effort of hundreds more of us who have been unraveling this for many years and finally were there from day 1 for the Qanon phenomenon to unite us. So let the readers be clear on my intentions.

For the most part, I have avoided talking about “Q” ever since they showed up. I struggle enough being banned and going through “technical difficulties” without touching the topic of Q or “Cue” as we have been forced to hide from search algorithms to avoid losing more accounts and platforms. Plus I wasn’t even sure if “Q was real” for a while; They were just another source of information. And I have MANY sources of information. I listed many of them out a few years ago in my “Big Picture” post… shortly after my “Taking back our country and our churches” post. I don’t do videos or posts every time “Q” puts out new information. That’s not my calling and I don’t have the time, but there are plenty of good people recently popping up. My calling is to reach out to Mainstream Christians and Jews who are waking up to “the great awakening” that is prophesied in the Bible.

My intent is NOT to point out all the false preachers, teachers, podcasters nor the mainstream Christianity that is no more fully true than mainstream media.

There’s nothing here to “subscribe” to or donate to. So let me be clear about that again. If you haven’t been following “Q” from the beginning or haven’t read the Bible from the beginning, then I’m sorry for anything I say on this website/ mobile app that is confusing or misread. Read the Bible from the beginning, then go and read all the Q posts from the beginning, if you really want to have a handle on what is going on.

But all that being said, Who or what is “Q”?

I follow A LOT of alternative news to keep a clear Biblical worldview for my Bible studies I do every week. One day, before “Q” was even an identifier, I got a link on 2 different sources to check out a 4chan post on the same day (I’m pretty sure they were beforeitsnews.com and godlikeproductions.com).  I didn’t think much of it at the time, I just added it to the long list of prognosticators and went about my business.

I kept following, just like I followed so many other things I wasn’t sure about (like Bitcoin). But at first, it was no different than any other thing I was following. However after a few months, it became very interesting and believable.

Even though I don’t do “Q” videos or posts, I DID dedicate my prayers for the 50 days of Pentecost/ Shavuot to the “Q” team, veterans and ELECTED representatives of the people in all fifty states and called them Qmers instead of Omers. I’m sure I made some mistakes and still do, but it was an honest cry to God for people to realize what was coming into fruition! The Vision that I had laid out many years ago, matched similarly to what it seemed was going on with the Military Intelligence Community! Read the vision to get a clear understanding of the great awakening as Ï understood it before Q showed up on the scene.

I’m not taking credit, I’m sure they had the idea before I did. But it seemed my wildest hopes and dreams were becoming a reality and we were taking our country back! But when it cones to Qanon, what I think we need to do is stick with looking at the “great awakening” from a Biblical perspective first before we look at it from a political perspective.

So as I describe who/ what Q is, always keep that in mind. This is Biblical.

Before Q (but after everything I wrote) we had “Pizzagate”. Whistle-blowers started to come out of the woodwork regarding human trafficking, especially as it related to crimes against children. Hillary and Obama started to be implicated in some of the worst things you can imagine. Emails from Wikileaks were found to have evidence of ties to Republicans and Democrats in our government being part of these unspeakable evils. Especially the Podesta brothers who Andrew Breitbart outed as child molesters in a tweet long before.

Then, Q began to tell us to look for the connections between the CIA, the Vatican, child trafficking, cult worship, the wives of politicians and more-telling us things like:


The connections began to be made by “Anons” working together to see what we could “dig up” from the Qlues that we were given. The more we figured out, the more Qlues we were given. Which eventually led to us being told that there was a 16-year plan to destroy the country and round up citizens who were patriots. This was nothing new to most of us, but it was confirmation for many of us who thought we were alone! Part of what I had written about (but had stopped writing about) was the “”Prepper Movement” that needed to be Biblical and grounded in love and obedience to God’s Word, not fear. But it was starting to feel like the good guys were taking back control.

And as we began to put all the pieces we could figure out together, some people began to put together things so well that that they actually started to have Anon nicknames. Like one blogger Anon named Neonrevolt explains:

“QAnon, often called just “Q,” is someone with Q-Level security clearance and a history of Military Intelligence working within the Trump administration to disseminate information to the American people directly.” ~Neonrevolt 

Why would they need to talk to us directly? To bypass the media, but it had/ has to be done without breaking national security laws. As Q has asked…

How do you ‘safely’ & ‘securely’ communicate w/o breaking the law and violating NAT SEC?

Neon is not the only Anon leading the way for other anons/ autusts and putting together huge pieces of the puzzle. There are thousands of us on the message board. 

And it should be added, the “Q” team signs as “Q” when they drop. But when the president himself communicates directly to the world anonymously, he signs as “Q+”. That’s how they became “Qanon”. And only recently has it come to light that Q+ is our president, but he is NOT our God. We must keep our focus on the Father!

Why? Because the great awakening is Bible prophecy in-the-making, in real-time right before our eyes. Q even puts Bible Scripture in the drops. I’m not going to put pictures here like most people do on their Q blogs, you can go find any number of people to do that for you. Again, I’m not a Q “decoder” for others, I’m just here telling you that the awakening is Biblical because I do Biblical decoding, not Q decoding. I spend time decoding Q drops for myself, but I don’t disseminate or translate for others outside of the anonymous message board. 

To be clear, Q doesn’t post prophecy, just simple New Testament Scriptures to let us know the movement is headed up not only by the military’s finest but also by believers in the Bible. Not everyone who follows the Qanon phenomenon is a believer.  We are seeing proof though from Q posts that we are being lied to, our leaders are feeding off of us, those who we trust to lead the nation and our churches are not just leading us astray and lying to us but in fact are committing treasonous, heinous crimes!

Read Ezekiel chapter 34 & 35.

HomeGroups.Org is dedicated to UNITY, not division. Q has created more unity in a year than the churches have created in a decade (or more) and it could be argued that the church just creates division with its denominations.  Here though is a Q drop for reference:

Why are we here? Why are we providing crumbs? Think MEMO. BUILDING THE ARMY. Not convinced this is spreading? You, the PEOPLE, have THE POWER. You, the PEOPLE, just forgot how to PLAY. TOGETHER you are STRONG. APART you are weak. THEY WANT YOU DIVIDED. THEY WANT RACE WARS. THEY WANT CLASS WARS. THEY WANT RELIGIOUS WARS. THEY WANT POLITICAL WARS. THEY WANT YOU DIVIDED! LEARN! FOR GOD & COUNTRY – LEARN! STAY STRONG. STAY TOGETHER. FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT. This is more important than you can imagine.

“This is more important than you can imagine. ” I agree, Q.

While I have no idea how much the Q team understands Biblical prophecy, they are part of it. The average citizen knows very little about the lies they have been fed, and neither does the average believer in the Bible. Both get their understandings of reality and/ or prophecy from talking heads. Both are victims of confirmation bias. And both are in for a big surprise if they haven’t gotten one already until we reach critical mass of believers and patriots who are fully waking up others.

Because THAT is what the Q team is after- critical mass; to get the public to wake up enough to accept the truth. And that is also what God is after. Every eye will see, every knee will bow. And God desires that ALL will follow Him of our own free will.

I’ll leave proving Q is real to others. You won’t get proof here of that. But rather I will prove the Bible is true. You can TRUST SESSIONS all you want, you can TRUST THE PLAN all you want. But it’s all for nothing if you don’t #TRUSTGOD and #TRUSTTHEPLAN(OFSALVATION).

Up until the last few months, I didn’t know what to make of “Q”. It’s not not difficult for people who are “awake” to trick people who are stuck in the matrix of mainstream religion and media. It happens all day every day. My job as a sort of “watchman” is in part to sift through all the garbage and be a shepherd to Truth seekers by meeting them wherever they are and helping them wade through the sea of information that they may not even know they are in.

And there are some of us who have access to the most information, even classified information. Those people have the ability to trick even the most informed of us because there’s no way to “prove” whether they are telling the truth or not.

Is blockchain technology really  being considered by the Federal Reserve and is that non-governmental entity really going to be audited? Who can know such things?!

Very few people can answer those questions. So those of us who identify as “anons” have to speculate. Often times spending WEEKS going down “rabbit holes” in search of Truth. For years I have documented the fact that world is NOT what “normal” people think it is. From religion, to politics, to technology and even history- people are being lied to. It’s not an accident, and any student of the Bible should not be surprised:

Jer 16:19 O LORD, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit.

Am 2:4 Thus saith the LORD; For three transgressions of Judah, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof; because they have despised the law of the LORD, and have not kept his commandments, and their lies caused them to err, after the which their fathers have walked:

That’s right, it was prophesied to happen thousands of years ago. In 2008 I joined Facebook to start documenting not only the blindness, but more importantly a solution to waking people up and a vision for waking up Americans, and especially Christian Americans, gently; to be a light to the world; To “Take back our churches and our country” was the one-liner I used.

And then, the Qanon phenomenon turned into what we now call, “The Great Awakening”. Anonymous patriots around the world are uniting in a battle of good versus evil, right versus wrong. All of us anons/ autists are in search of Truth and goodness. We’re not perfect, we don’t all agree, but we are patriots, nationalistic globalists against the NWO. We’re not Republicans or Democrats, we are liberty-minded citizens of the world who know that borders are necessary. They define and protect all of our countries. But the internet is powerful and must remain free for citizens to use it as we see fit. 

If you know absolutely nothing about “Q drops” or where to find them, just do a google search. I am not going to be responsible for sending you down rabbit holes with some of the sickest,  most disturbing distractions you can imagine. My advice is to stay away- far away, and just Trust the Plan. There is plenty of proof that “Q drops” are from reliable Military Intelligence. They are being shared in a Socratic method to lead anons and investigators to the Truths they have been seeking while confirming what we have already known (as well as correcting the things we have been wrong about).

I’m making this post now because I believe soon everyone will know what we have been doing regarding the over 1600 “Q drops” over the last year or so. There are MANY people trying to discredit The Great Awakening and “Q”. I’m not writing this to convince others, I’m just sharing the fact that I am convinced and I think everyone should be.

I will, however, share a brief synopsis of what has been confirmed to us anons via “QTeam”, which according to them/ him works at the pleasure of the President himself Donald J. Trump. And that’s why the media and the Cabal (globalist pedophiles) are throwing everything they can at the President – to make him hated. And I didn’t like him at first as a candidate, but I never stopped praying for him to unite the Divided States of America. This is what Q Team had to say about him on Nov 14th, 2017:

For the coming days ahead.
Ask yourself an honest question, why would a billionaire who has it
all, fame, fortune, a warm and loving family, friends, etc. want to
endanger himself and his family by becomang POTUS?
Why would he want to target himself and those he cares about?
Does he need money?
Does he need fame?
What does he get out of this?
Does he want to make the US/world a better place for his family and
for those good and decent people who have long been taken
advantage of?
Perhaps he could not stomach the thought of mass murders
occurring to satisfy Moloch?
Perhaps he could not stomach the thought of children being
kidnapped, drugged, and raped while leaders/law enforcement of
the world turn a blind eye.
Perhaps he was tired of seeing how certain races/countries were
being constantly abused and kept in need/poor/and suffering all for
a specific purpose.
Perhaps he could not in good conscious see the world bum.
Why, hours after the election, did seven people travel to an
undisclosed location to hold a very private & highly secured/guarded
Why didn’t HRC give a concession speech?
When was the Last time a presidential candidate didn’t personally
give a concession speech?
What happens if the border remained open and the MSM continued
to brainwash?
At what point do Patriots, and hard working men and woman,
become the minority?
What about voting machines?
Who owns the voting machines?
What about voter ID laws?
Photo ID? When Is it necessary and must be presented? Make a lìst.
Would the chances of defeating evil grow less and less with each
passing year?
What does ‘red line’ mean?
Why, again, were the arrests made in SA so very important?
What strings were immediately cut?
Follow the money.
When does a bird sing?

The Cabal (Deep State, NWO) is global. They make millions off of human trafficking, drug smuggling and every other illegal activity imaginable. Hillary and Obama (and many top officials as well as CEO’s) are guilty of treason, pedophilia and homosexuality just to name a few. I’m not going to slander or bear false witness, I’m simply telling you what has been said will soon be proven and shared with the public at large. Again, PLENTY of Republicans are guilty as well as Democrats; This is not about Left versus Right. We have to get that delusional lie out of our minds.

We’ve learned from “Q” that there was a 16-year plan to take over the US and include “pay to play” global positions and favors and the culmination of this plan (Phase 2, the second 8 years) was going to be Hillary in the white house. They never thought she would lose. They did everything imaginable to make it happen, and they lost. Not just the presidency- this is SO much bigger than just a presidency. It’s not about Hillary or Obama, they are just pawns and puppets. Part of the plan was to get 2 of the biggest threats to the Deep State in a war with each other- a thermo-nuclear war between America And Russia.

So why did “Q” decide to start posting anonymously on what we call “boards”? Because it’s pretty much the last bastion of freedom left on the internet. It truly is uncensored on those boards (which is why I’m not even going to link there). It’s not the DarkWeb, you don’t need any kind of software or decryption. It’s open internet. And I certainly don’t frequent the DarkWeb or use TOR or anything of that nature- but I have used the enemies’ tools against them to share out the vision where I could.

Many of the “proofs” that this anonymous Q-Level Clearance individual(s) gave us early on could have been faked. That’s why it took so long for me to fully buy into it. But it was enough to continue following this white rabbit. And I’m glad I did. I enjoyed the show, ate lots of popcorn, and sometimes sat around begging/ praying for another Q drop, a better one. It was like reading a really great book and not being able to put it down. Only this book, we anons/ autists were writing together like the Never-ending Story.

More important than why the chan message boards were chosen, is why were they/ he even posting at all? This is the answer we got from “Q” on Jan 19th, 2018:

Why are we here?
Why are we providing crumbs?
Think MEMO.
Not convinced this is spreading?
You, the PEOPLE, have THE POWER.
You, the PEOPLE, just forgot how to PLAY.
APART you are weak.
This is more important than you can imagine.

That’s the answer we got. That’s the plan. Trust the Plan.

The cleanest, entertaining and family friendly place I would send anyone to keep up with the phenomenon known as “Q” is here:

There are other places you can easily find, but you don’t need to. Sir Patrick at his “In Pursuit of Truth” YouTube channel is sufficient.

We know this is hard to swallow, and so does Q Team. This is what they said on Nov 11th, 2017:

Hard to swallow.
Important to progress.
Who are the puppet masters?
House of Saud (6+++) – $4 Trillion+
Rothschild (6++) – $2 Trillion+
Soros (6+) – $1 Trillion+
Focus on above (3).
Public wealth disclosures – False.
Many governments of the world feed the ‘Eye’.
Think slush funds (feeder).
Think war (feeder).
Think environmental pacts (feeder).
Triangle has (3) sides.
Eye of Providence.
Follow the bloodlines.
What is the keystone?
Does Satan exist?
Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist?
Who worships Satan?
What is a cult?
Epstein island.
What is a temple?
What occurs in a temple?
Why is the temple on top of a mountain?
How many levels might exist below?
What is the significance of the colors, design and symbol above the dome?
Why is this relevant?
Who are the puppet masters?
Have the puppet masters traveled to this island?
When? How often? Why?
Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan

They are sick. They are stupid. They are losing. But I leave you with one of my favorite post from Q Team:


Read the BIBLE.

There you go. Trust the Plan. Trust the Bible. And revisit this video that I have been sharing for many years:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6b70TUbdfs[/embedyt]

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