We must make sure we are meeting the Developmental needs of every age group. This page simply defines those basic needs by age group. If we aren’t meeting these basic needs by reading and understand what the Bible says about these basic needs, why should we spend time on anything else, especially anything that isn’t mentioned in the Bible?

Environment is the surroundings or conditions in which a person lives or operates. As believers, we should strive to ensure these environments are Biblical.

(Ages 0-6)

Learning mental/ physical skills necessary for teaching games and to teach the Bible.

Forming concepts and vocabulary to describe Spiritual and physical reality.

Learning sexual modesty and confidence.


(Ages 7-12)

Learning Biblical masculine or feminine social role.

Developing Biblical concepts necessary for everyday Christian life.

Defining the conscience, morality, norms and standards.

Start building Spiritual/personal independence.

Developing Christian attitudes toward self, others and Divine institutions.


(Ages 13-18)

Achieving Spiritually mature relations with age mates of both sexes.

Dealing with peer pressure

Remaining pure for soulmate

Understanding Biblical masculine or feminine social role.

Understanding one’s physique and body as it matures.

Achieving Spiritual/emotional independence from parents and other adults.

Preparing for career, marriage/ family life and finances

Acquiring a set of values and an ethical system as a guide to behavior.

Desiring and achieving socially responsible behavior.


(Ages 19-30)

Finding your soulmate.

Learning to live with that soulmate as one flesh.

Managing home life as a husband or wife.

Getting started in a career without losing site of Kingdom work.

Starting and raising a Godly family.

Taking on civic responsibility as a Christian.

Finding a congenial, Christian social group.


(Ages 31-60)

Assisting teenage children to become responsible and happy adults.

Achieving adult social and civic responsibility.

Reaching and maintaining Christian standards of performance in your career.

Developing Biblical adult leisure time activities.

Relating to one’s spouse as a changing person.

Preparing for the physiological changes of middle age.

Biblical responsibilities in regard to aging parents.


(61 and over)

Adjusting to decreasing physical strength and health.

Adjusting to retirement and reduced income.

Preparing for sickness/ death of a spouse.

Establishing an explicit affiliation with one’s age group.

Adopting and adapting social roles in a flexible way

Establishing satisfactory physical living arrangements.

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