I have found myself at a crossroads; I must figure out a way to regain my strenth. I must shift focus from not only being spiritually and mentally strong but also physically. The first thing I have learned in attempting to bring my body into submission is that doing so requires a renewing of the mind. The body takes its direction from the subconcious mind. But my conscious mind is weak.

I know I should drink my shakes religiously, but I forget. I know I should stop smoking cigarettes, but I don’t really want to or I would have already. I know my body is fueled by 1400 calories a day and I need twice as many calories to increase strength based on the plan I am putting together but I am only getting my feet wet as opposed to jumping in headfirst and becoming a warrior- all this takes time and dedication. It’s not easy, but at least I am trying.

Currently I am scouring the virtual world to come up with the best plan for me. Something that is not a gimmick or a scam. When I am finished this will be a free resource. if it doesn’t work, I will just delete this page. If it does work, you will be able to know because I will have videos of how I did it to encourage others.

Because the FIRST step to fitness is a renewal of the mind, this is my meditation calendar. I literally am going to focus mental energy on specific parts of my body each day. Even that is not going to be easy because I am a creature of habbit. I have a terrible short-term memory and a lot of information enters my mind to be processed every day- seriously. I will need to add everything that I need to remind myself to do to my outlook calendar and utilize a couple iPhone apps to help me out.


Because I have literally ignored my body for years (mostly because I don’t eat a lot of stuff that is genetically modified, I don’t put crazy man-made things into my body like prescriptions, OTC medicine, artificial sweeteners etc. when I can help it ) I find it very difficult to think about my body. For me, what you know is MUCH more important than what you look like. But this has nothing to do with how we look- this is about using physical strength and endurance to suppliment mental strength and endurance. And I don’t need some gimmick formulae to do this be cause I know that building strength, like everything else, has been naturally created by God. All endurance and increasing strength really is when you break it down, is the body healing ITSELF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHgR8jlNW60

The only thing that I must do is make sure my body has enough of what it takes for it to do its job- Calories and Protein.

And I am on a mission to make my body need to repair itself efficiently and often so here is my calculated plan starting from scratch:wkout3



I am ONLY working out 3 days a week. Here’s why… The body doesn’t repair itself while you are stressing it out. The days that I will notice a difference are the days AFTER I rest and recover. The resting is equally as important as the workout.

I am ONLY working out using a few excercises. Here’s why… The few I chose work out the entire body if done correctly. I want to keep it simple and use free weights to mimick real-world muscular needs.

I am ONLY doing cardio AFTER working out. Here’s why… I want all my energy focussed on strength and endurance training. I’m not wasting it on anything else.

Here are some quick reference cards I am using:





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